30 Great Summer Camps in London

30 Great Summer Camps in London

Making the most of the holidays is easy with a summer camp in London. Whether your child loves sports, music, art or simply making new friends, there is a camp that will keep them active and happy all summer long.

1. Camp Beaumont

One of the biggest and most experienced camp organisers, Camp Beaumont provides a wide range of activities in its day camps for 3 to 16 year olds at various locations around London. The camps are divided into four age groups, and feature everything from sports to performing arts.

2. Kingswood Camps

Kingswood Camps is providing a series of pop-up day camps around the UK this summer, including activities for 3 to 12 year olds in Hampstead and 5 to 12 year olds in Stanstead. If your kids would like to travel a little further, the company also offers sleep away camps outside London.

3. Fire Tech Camp

Fire Tech runs some exciting coding and computing courses at several locations in London, where your child can do anything from learning about robots to creating their own game.

4. Poolside Manor

The Poolside Manor summer camp in London for ages 3 to 11 includes a range of different activities, including swimming lessons. Learning to swim is a great way to spend the summer, particularly when the weather is warm.

5. England Sports Group

The England Sports Group runs camps at a selection of locations around London, focusing on tennis or a range of other sports. Kids who are serious about their sport will love these camps, but they are a lot of fun too.

6. X Keys

Cross Keys provides day camps for 3 to 13 year olds in North London, including drama, art, and sports academies for kids over 6. The range of specialties makes this a good choice if you need a camp for siblings with very different interests.

7. TeamCamp

TeamCamp is great for kids who need a varied schedule to keep them entertained. Children aged 3 to 14 can enjoy a blend of physical activity, drama, and activities designed to instil important life skills such as teamwork and leadership.

8. Barracudas

Barracudas day camps are great for active kids with lots of energy to burn. The summer camps run at several locations in London, giving children aged 4 to 16 the chance to play all kinds of sports and to enjoy activities such as learning circus skills.

9. Supercamps

Supercamps runs summer camps at several London locations, as well as in other parts of the UK. Children can take part in a range of different sports and activities, or attend specialist camps running at some of the centres, focusing on crafts, cookery, and other interests.

10. Youth Music Theatre

The youth Music Theatre gives young people aged 11 to 21 the chance to develop their performance skills in acting, singing, and dancing. The 2015 summer camp in London focuses on a performance of The Red Shoes, while other plays are being performed in venues in Tonbridge and Hemel Hempstead.

11. Young Actors and Academics at Shakespeare’s Globe

Older teens who are planning to start A Level or university courses in drama or English literature might enjoy the challenge of studying at Shakespeare’s globe, which is running two week camps for students aged 16 to 19 this summer.

12. FunTech

The FunTech summer camp in London gives kids the chance to learn coding and other computer skills. Kids can choose to focus on fun projects such as working with Minecraft or building Lego robots. Do you know that Minecraft can help kids with autism? Check this LINK

13. Ultimate Activity Camps

Ultimate activity camps run at two locations in London, as well as at venues around the country. The huge ranges of activities include all kinds of sports and games for 4 to 14 year olds.

14. Lauderdale House

Lauderdale House runs several week-long art classes for kids aged 5 to 7 or 8 to 11.

15. Chickenshed Summer Shed

A week of workshops ending in a performance for friends and family makes this a great summer camp in London for theatrical kids. A good sibling discount can also help to keep the costs down.

16. DaCapo Music Foundation

The DaCapo summer school is a chance for 3 to 5 year olds to get excited about music, and for 5 to 18 year olds to show off their skills on any instrument, even if they are complete beginners.

17. Danny Grant Soccer School

The Holiday Football Courses are a perfect chance for boys and girls aged 3 to 12 to practice their favourite sport. Children of all abilities can learn the rules or improve their skills.

18. Dramarama

Dramarama is the best theatrical summer camp in London for younger children, as it focuses on ages 3 to 11. The youngest children focus on imaginative play, while the over 5s prepare a theatrical, dance, or music performance to share with their families at the end of the camp. 19. Fit for Sport

19. Fit for Sport

Fit for Sport has summer camps running at 48 locations across London in 2015, with full day camps for children aged 5 to 12, and half days for those aged 3 or 4. The camps focus on sports and other physical activities, but there is also time for art and games.

20. Mother Nature Science

Mother Nature Science runs several different summer camps in London where children aged 5 to 12 can conduct experiments and get excited about science.

21. MagiKats

MagiKats runs two academically-focused summer camps, one focusing on maths and the other on English. The courses are designed to be fun, but also to help prevent summer learning loss.

22. Leaders are Readers

An academic summer camp in London that can encourage your child to love reading, or help them to prepare for the new school year.

23. Kids Can Achieve

The Kids Can Achieve holiday scheme is designed for children with additional needs, some of whom may be eligible for free days. Camp activities include swimming, crafts, and outdoor play.

24. Pony Camp at Trent Park Equestrian Centre

A summer camp in London that gives kids age 7 to 12 the chance to ride and to learn to look after a pony. Younger children, aged 5 or 6, can visit for half day sessions.

25. Rock Sessions

The Rock Sessions summer camp gives kids aged 11 to 17 the chance to make music and to form their own band. It is a great confidence booster as well as a chance to gain some musical skills.

26. Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre

Hillingdon is the closest you can get to the countryside at a London summer camp, with activities including from survival skills to watersports.

27. National Youth Theatre

Getting in to the summer courses requires an audition, but if your child is successful, he or she will become a member of the National Youth Theatre, which provides opportunities to learn and perform for young people aged 14 to 25. If your child is serious about acting or working behind the scenes, this is the best way to spend the summer.

28. Et Patati et Patata!

Fun French Summer Day Camp: fun activities, french cooking, french theatre, visits take place in the morning and  multi-sport or football academy in the afternoon.  

29. Zoo Academy

The London Zoo Academy gives 15 to 17 year olds a unique opportunity to encounter exotic species. The challenging summer school is designed for teens who are serious about pursuing careers with animals.

30. American School in London

Summer camps are very popular in the US, and The American School in London keeps up the tradition over here. It runs a variety of summer programs for 6 to 18 year olds, and you don’t have to be American or a student at the school to attend. The options range from basketball camp to an exploration week camp focusing on arts, crafts, and cookery.